Marta & Marc

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Through their family and their own interests, this couple shares a love of horses. And while these these animals had a place in the wedding I never imagined that we would end up doing a post-wedding session with them. The setting was ideal. I travelled to the Ebre Delta, (in Punta de la Banya), where the crystalline water is complimented the spectacular lighting.

First I took photos of the couple riding side by side, but the personalities of their mounts made this difficult and I ended up suggesting that they snuggle up on the same horse. After taking many pictures, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture a few moments between the couple by themselves, capturing the love that they share.

The pictures are just a memory of the wonderful day we spent together. Marta and Marc even got me in the saddle!

Horses: Stallions Public saves Angel Perez
Groom Suit: Eduardo Bosch
Wedding Dress: Pronovias